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She jumped on the train without knowing the destination. She sat down and looked through the window, while the lights where flickering inside the carriage, she saw her reflection. Her hair was messy, her face a bit dirty, she looked really tired. She didn´t have enough time to pack, he told her, “Run as fast as you can and don´t you dare to look back”, and so she did. She was tired of running…she didn´t even know what was happening and why she was running…she was tired, so she closed her eyes for a second only to rest.

When she opened her eyes again, the train was finally reaching a station, she saw some other empty carriages with the lights on inside, noone was there, only her. “This is so random” she thought, but she didn´t have anyone to ask.

A harrowing sound echoed through the tunnels, chills, maybe she wasn´t that alone…

She jumped off the train and stood on the platform watching the complete solitude of the place, trains ready to depart but no passengers willing to do it so.

-And now what?- she said.

She took a deep breath and thought about her family, hoping they were somewhere safe and OK.

She inspectioned the station looking for people, why was she so desperate to find other people, she actually never liked any of them. She preferred animals, at least they didn´t have a mean bone in their bodies.

“This is an announcement, please pay attention, this is an important announcement”- the sound was coming from one of the loudspeakers at the station. “They are bombing the city, don´t try to leave, they´ll find you in any case, you´re not safe, I repeat, none of us are safe, doesn´t matter where you go, they´re going to find you and turn you into weapons. The only thing we can do now is pray. God safe ourselves”




For a strange reason, she couldn´t even explain she wasn´t scared, she was ready to fight for her life, men can destroy men, that was a fact, but men need other men in order to survive, it wasn´t her case, she has been trained to be a soldier, for the time being she was safe at that train station, she had a map of the city and a radio, perhaps she could figure out where they were, what was already taken and then set a plan… “there was always a way to make things right”, mum always said…

“You´re a soldier Pandora, don´t let them tell you, you can´t do it just because you were born a woman”


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