Image result for people in a lift

  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • Pardon?
  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • I’ve heard you. You gotta be kidding me?
  • I was trying to make the waiting a bit more exciting.
  • Exciting for whom?
  • For me at least.
  • I hope they’re coming for us soon.
  • You’re boring
  • You’re hilarious.
  • Just let your hair down a bit.
  • What about if we play the silence game?
  • Sounds boring, like you.
  • I’m boring, thanks for noticing.
  • I think you’re hot.
  • Right.
  • What about a quickie while we wait?
  • Ha! Yeah, why not? Right here, right know. Make me yours!
  • Really?
  • Yeah, I mean, we don’t know how long it’s going to take, so at least let’s have some fun.
  • Well…
  • Are you feeling shy now? Come on, come closer, you’re too far.
  • I…
  • I know you want it, so just come and get it.
  • I don’t know.
  • Is it too awkward for you? Have you ever had sex in a lift before?
  • I… no.
  • It’s exciting, so take your pants off.
  • Not sure.
  • Do you have a small penis?
  • Pardon?
  • I mean, it might be that, you have a small penis and that’s why you’re ashamed about taking your pants off.
  • I don’t have a small penis!
  • Prove it!
  • I don’t have to prove anything to you!
  • When was the last time you had sex without paying?
  • Fuck off!
  • Thank you, it was great meeting you too.

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