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I´ve had a really long day, work has been driving me insane lately, too much work for such a low pay, on top of that I´ve recently splitted up with my boyfriend, it seemed like all of the sudden my life was about to collapse.

I was working in a warehouse outside Milan, living in Milan and commuting every day for more than an hour and a half, I was losing three hours of my life every day, the total of how many days I was losing in one year will be something around 32 days, maybe the calculation was wrong, but I was definitely losing at least two weeks per year.

Living with that sort of stress made me a paranoid, I had a flat for myself, so that much of “me” time, made me think far too much on thieves, ghosts and all sorts of things, but that, that one, truly, believe me, I didn´t see that one coming.

I was in bed, switched off the light and all of the sudden I hear, “Hi”, and I´m like, OK, I really need to start going to see a therapist, because this is getting weird.

  • Hi, I know you are there.
  • I must be dreaming, I have to be dreaming.
  • No, not yet, you´re asleep.
  • Who the hell are you?
  • I´m the ghost under your bed, my name is Phil, great to meet you.
  • Are you seriously introducing yourself?
  • I thought I´ll be polite not to scare you.
  • I´m losing my mind.
  • No, you´re not, and it´s great that you can finally hear me, I´ve been trying to communicate with you for such a long time.
  • Were you the one who switched the TV off every time I fell sleep?
  • Yeah, and I ate your tissues full of tears, the ones that end up under your bed, so you woulnd´t have to worry about cleaning those.
  • Grouse, but thank you…I guess…
  • You can look at me, it´s fine, I´m not a decrepit ghost.
  • Do I really want to do that?
  • I don´t like not looking into peoples faces when I talk.
  • Because you do this very often?
  • No, I only work for you.
  • You work for me?
  • Yeah, the bed ghost only operate in one location.
  • Ha! Sorry… OK, why not? But don´t scare or I kill you.
  • I´m dead.
  • Yeah, how could I forget that?

I saw this handsome guy under my bed, I was definitely losing my mind, there was a ghost in my room and it was good looking, perhaps was that sort of projection of how much I need it to have sex and my imagination was doing the job for me. Anyhow, he was nice.

  • Do you want to play cards?
  • Cards?
  • Yeah, cards. I love playing cards, I haven´t played in such a long time and I miss it so much.
  • Right.
  • You don´t like playing cards.
  • Yeah, I like it a lot, it´s just very random. Hey! How do you spent your time? I play cards with the ghost under my bed.
  • Sounds great to me! That´s sweet!
  • What is?
  • That you want to share with people that I exist.
  • I was being sarcastic.
  • What´s sarcastic?
  • Really? Well…it´s when you say something but you don´t actually mean it, you´re just pretending that you mean it… and it´s funny…
  • Are you a liar?
  • What!? NO! Whatever…let´s just play cards…

And that´s how it all started… Phil would become my best friend, kinda my only friend, he would helped me becoming better at playing cards, dealing with myself and being more patient… then I left Milan… but that´s a different story…



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