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  • Why are you still here?
  • I couldn´t find any better place to be.
  • Well… try harder.
  • Why do you want me to go so badly?
  • Because I need space.
  • Space for what?
  • Space, you know? Space.
  • Yeah, I know what space is, just wondering how are you going to use it. Any ideas that you want to explore?
  • I´m exploring my loneliness.
  • Not that you got scared or something like that.
  • I´m not scared.
  • Of course not.
  • You can´t scare me.
  • I think I can.
  • Nice try, but you can´t.
  • Then, why are you hiding?
  • Man, I´m not hiding, you can see me.
  • We were meant to go today to sign the mortgage and you didn´t turn up.
  • Do you need me there?
  • Yes, it happens to be our house, not only mine.
  • I don´t like sharing.
  • Oh, please! What´s the problem?
  • I´m not ready for this!
  • It was your idea!
  • Well… Am I allowed to change my mind?
  • You´re impossible!
  • No… you´re impossible!
  • I love you silly.
  • Don´t say that!
  • You can´t stop me loving you.
  • Yes, I can.
  • Don´t do that! Because it would really break my heart.
  • You´re breaking my heart…
  • Why? Because I love you!
  • Yes!
  • Why are you this difficult?
  • I don´t know… leave me alone!
  • No, I´m staying.
  • I don´t want to talk.
  • You´ll eventually.
  • I love you.
  • I know, because when I look at you, I can feel it too…

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