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  • When you reach the lift press the -100 level and they´ll meet you at the reception. There is no network downstairs, so if you need to make any phone call do it now. I can wait.
  • No need, my family know that I´m working here so it´s fine.
  • I can´t go down with you, there´s only room for one person in this lift.
  • Thanks, I can take care of myself.
  • Don´t stay longer than an hour, sometimes they do some backups and updates and the system goes down for some time, it´s not save down there then.
  • An hour is more than enough.
  • Good luck!
  • Thanks!

My name is Audrey Kahlo. I´m a journalist. I´m a specialist on sociopaths and psycopaths. It´s taken me a long time to be able to get permission from the paper I work for to come here and do some research on the most dangerous killers of this world.

They build this prison five years ago, probably you haven´t heard about it, because is top secret, it´s not the sort of conventional prison we are used to. This is in the middle of Alaska, 100 floors below the surface, it´s like a trip to the centre of the earth. Highly efficient, no one enters, no one leaves, nobody knows what they do to these prisoners, but from what I´ve heard they used them as specimens to test virus and vaccines, Pharmaceutical companies fund this place.

Why am I here? OK, let´s say that someone that I know is in here, and that has taken me ten years to find her whereabouts, yes, there are some female sociopaths as well.

I´ve prepared a list of questions for these people, I´m going to interview a couple of them, the most dangerous ones, and of course, I´ll interview her.

When the lift reaches the lowest level it sends shivers down my spine, this place reminds me to the asylum from “The Silence of the Lambs”, an old  decrepit lady is waiting for me at reception, probably they found her there when they started building the place.

  • You have five minute with each of them, if you decide to stay longer, I´m not responsible of whatever happens to you, they´re bored, they´ll try to play you, they´ll probably try to get you to kill yourself with your pen, you look weak and naive, the perfect pray for these monsters.
  • Well, thanks, but I know how to take care of myself.
  • I don´t know how you got permission to come and visit this place, you know we could only find the head of the last journalist who came here.
  • I´ve lost ten minutes already.
  • Good luck! Remember to be back in forty five minutes.
  • I will.

The automatic sliding door closes behind me, right in front of me a series of cells, with a glass door shows behind them old sorts of men and women. Some have no limbs, some are missing some skin, it´s pretty grouse to watch, I become dizzy.

  • Tiny ass! Come here and give me some fun!
  • Mary had a little lamb
    Its fleece was white as snow
    And everywhere that Mary went
    Mary went, Mary went
    Everywhere that Mary went
    The lamb was sure to go
  • I´m looking for someone- I said.
  • Who is it sweetheart?
  • Her name is Elisabeth.
  • Miss Justice?
  • How do you know her? Who just said that?
  • Depends on what can you offer.
  • Freedom?
  • Freedom is overrated, I´m bored and haven´t hunted in a long time, what do you have?
  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want to find her?
  • She saved me.
  • I want the lady at reception. No questions. You gave her to me, I tell you how to find Justice and how not to die.
  • Who are you?
  • Does that matter? Let´s say I´m your angel from hell Audrey
  • How do you know my name?
  • It´s written on your badge.
  • Oh!

All of the sudden sound as if a door has been broken and the glass crushed. Loud sounds. I ran towards reception but there was no one there. I thought about screaming but no one was going to be able to here my voice in here, I couldn´t use my phone. He told me, daily failed in the system, great! And now, what?…



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