Resultado de imagen de box of lies

Which one you want to choose?

She was only a teenager, around thirteen I guess, her dad was a very important business man in the city, she´s lost her mother when she was a child, cancer, or that´s what they told her.

She studied in the most exclusive schools, but one could see that she was fed up and looking for something else from life, perhaps if daddy could give her some attention from time to time, some real warmth ,that could do.

I was just the messenger, I wasn´t there for pleasure, I got paid for delivering these boxes, not as easy as you would think, but I got a decent amount of money and I couldn´t care less for the outcome and how these people carry on with their lives.

It was like any given Sunday, I knocked her door and allowed myself in with my two boxes.

  • Hello my dear, I´m a friend of your dad and I got a very fun game for you to play. It´s call the box of lies, here you have two boxes, on the right hand side you can find your dad´s worst secret, on the left hand side, the biggest lie he´s ever told you. It´s a win-win situation. Doesn´t matter which one you choose, you´re going to get rid of some lie you´ve been living with until today. So which one you prefer? Oh! sorry! Perhaps I´ve just been too quick! Do you want me to give you some time?
  • Who are you?
  • Me? Truly no one, just a messenger, I don´t even own these boxes, somebody else does. Every time you´ve told a lie to someone, they know it. We think that we can go through life getting away with all our lies, and they prove us that, that´s not the case. They can destroy us at any minute, so you´re better of telling the truth. Which one?… Oh,sorry! I´m too eager! I´ll allow you a couple of minutes, I´ll be waiting outside…
  • Why me?
  • I don´t know my dear, I wish I´ve had the answers, but I´m just the messenger, you should ask daddy, looks like this is all his fault.

I left the room leaving that poor girl on her own, no maternal figure, no real father to teach her right or wrong, for the first time since I´ve been doing this job I felt sorry, I wondered who this company was, who her father was…

  • I´m not ready… sorry!
  • It´s alright, I´m going to help you.
  • Are you going to pick one box for me?
  • No, you still need to do that, otherwise they´re taking me to prison.
  • Then, what?
  • What if I manage to get you all your dad´s boxes?
  • And what would I do with that?
  • Get him to respect you my dear…
  • Wouldn´t that get you into trouble?
  • No, if I play my cards right.
  • Would you have to lie?
  • Yes, but half truths doesn´t count as lies my dear…

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