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9:25pm, Sunday Night

Another boring and lonely Sunday at home, I don´t know why but there is something about Sundays that always freaked me out, like for no reason, like if nothing good could ever happen on a Sunday, Sunday is the day of god for some people, for me is the day of hell. If there was actually a hell or a Satan, he would only come out on Sundays.

Is not the day of the lord or whatever is the day of the demon.

Picture this, like in “Silent Hill”, you´re trapped between two dimensions, but you can only access the other one on Sunday.

On that note, well, you might think I´m crazy, but that was what happen to me today. I was walking around the South bank area in London, and all of the sudden the sky turned even greyer of what it was already, you know, it´s London, people start disappearing, their shapes changed, and before I could realise it was just me, walking through that tunnel towards the National Theatre. When I got there, the building was also empty and almost pitch black, only the security lights and some natural light that was coming from the outside.

It was very, very strange, but this woman, she was tall, wearing a cape, dark long hair, very pale, she was walking around as well, I started to stalk her, there was really nothing else for me to do there, I went downstairs to the foyer, she was waiting for me there.

  • Hi- she said with a perfect English.
  • Hi… -didn´t know what to say obviously.
  • How did you get here?
  • I just walked through the tunnel.
  • You don´t belong here.
  • Well… No… I´m not actress…but…
  • I mean, to this world, normal people can´t see this, there are only few of us in this dimension.
  • What?
  • You better find your way out or I know someone that´s gonna be really angry.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Sunshine, you´re not safe here, I´m not even safe myself.
  • But…I don´t even know how I got to this side…
  • Maybe you´re the key.
  • Do you think so? I never thought I was special but…
  • Shut up! You´re really annoying.
  • Mmh, bet that doesn´t change from dimension to dimension.
  • Sshhh!

Someone else was coming towards us, fast, it was a long dark shadow, before I realised the woman disappeared and I run towards the exit, run as fast as I could, the shadow was running behind me, I don´t know if it was human or not, but I could tell I was scared, I crossed the tunnel , run to the tube station, got on the tube and got home…

Perhaps I found something… I know I shouldn´t, but next Sunday I´m going to try again, I want to know what-else or who-else is there…


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