Resultado de imagen de parque del laberinto de horta

It´s been years since I last came… I thought it was something I´ve created in my dreams, once I opened my eyes it was gone, but the truth was, it was real, still under construction, like ten years ago, which marked my first and last visit. I came here with my sister… I almost forgot it… It´s nooks, its birds , its silences… a well of peace, a place for creation and inspiration…

It is a huge park, with a Chinese door welcoming you inside , some classical and romantic gardens, with neoclassical sculptures, a little cave that reminds a bit of a hobbit home and green everywhere, a small maze and the maze…

Inside the neoclassical garden is the 820-yard long labyrinth that gave name to the park. In the centre of the labyrinth is a statue of Eros, the god of love.

Right above the labyrinth are two large pavilions with statues of the Danaë and Ariadne and beside the stairs leading up to the garden’s highest point stands a statue of Dionysus, the god of wine.

At the top of the stairs is another pavilion, dedicated to the nine Muses and behind this building we find a large and beautiful pond.

The park was built in 1791 by the marquis and landowner Joan Antoni Desvalls of d’Ardena. At the same time the construction of the Desvall palace began. The park extends over 9 hectares and is divided into two gardens: the older garden in a neoclassical style and the younger garden in a romantic style.

It was around dusk, I was ready to leave when I realized… The door was closed!, Weird!.. They used to close around this time, I shouted to see if any of the guards could hear me, but nothing, apparently there was nobody else there but me. No battery on my phone… Great! I sat down and gave up , waiting to see if at some point someone was showing up, time was passing and I was feeling tired.

I was woken up by a strange metallic noise, I know, I can fall sleep in the most ridiculous places you can imagine as long as I´m tired. I stood up and started walking around the park, nothing, silence, the moonlight, birds and me. The park was so beautiful at night, there was something charming and relaxing about it…

  • Help me! – a guy covered in blood was crawling on the path.
  • You can´t do anything for him. She is going to pray him. – another guy was standing just next to me.
  • If you touch me I´ll break your arm, I´m really good at self defence.
  • It won´t be necessary, save that for her, if she finds you, you´re dead.
  • Wait! Where is the body?
  • Told you, she is a hunter, she can see in the dark.
  • Who are you?
  • Someone that needs to get out of here and could do with some help.
  • Why would I help you? You might have killed that guy, for whichever reason.
  • The more we talk, the less time we have to runaway from her.
  • Why should I believe you?
  • Unless you like sleeping in parks I think you also want to get out of here.

I probably shouldn´t have trusted him so easily, but being in that situation, I wasn´t sure what else I could have done.

  • Wait! Shit!
  • What?
  • I´ve lost my bag!
  • So?
  • I can´t leave without it.
  • You girls have a strange attachment to those things.
  • It was a present, ok?
  • He-She can get you another one.
  • She can´t! She is dead…
  • OK, I should just…
  • Shut up!
  • Right…
  • You don´t need to come with me if you don´t want…
  • We have more chances if we work together, I got your back.
  • I got my back, thank you.

That was the last present I got from her, a brown leather backpack she got me when she went to Morocco, “…writers need this kind of things, make them look more bohemian”- she joked. She was the only one who supported me with becoming a writer, that´s why I was here, visiting again one of her favourite places…








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