Resultado de imagen de boogie nights

Her real name was Margaret Perkins, she was born in an small town in Arizona, Young, funny name, isn´t it? There was not much to do in the area, girls were getting pregnant at a pretty young age to leave their parents houses, becoming perfect housewives while their husbands were doing manual work.

Margaret always dreamt of something else, while her mother was teaching her how to cook for her future husband and pushing her to look after her brothers, she thought, “One day I´m gonna leave this town and become a Hollywood star”. She was really pretty, nice body, infinite legs , she could have easily become a model, but everyone around her was always trying to suffocate her dreams.

It was on one of those eternal nights when she packed her stuff, took all her saving and hitchhike to the nearest town to book herself on a bus to the city of angels. Once she got there, she got a job as a bartender and cleaner, working all day and all night, just to keep herself alive.

That day, that day it was going to be her lucky day, she saw an ad on a local newspaper, “looking for actresses, good looking, no experience required, call us on…”

She put on her best rags, nice make up, heels, she was really looking the part, when she got to the place she was a bit upset, it was a derelict building, the office looked trashy and cheap and the guy who was seating in front of her, looked more like a perv than a Hollywood producer, there were more girls there, which made her feel a bit more safe.

  • Name?
  • Margaret Perkins
  • Mmmh, we might need to change that.
  • OK.
  • Name of your first pet?
  • Pinky, it was a goldfish, poor thing he didn´t live long because I …
  • Right, name of your first street?
  • Dommer…
  • Pinky Dommer, I like it! It´s catchy!
  • Pinky Dommer?
  • Are you OK with nudity?
  • Excuse me?
  • Do you mind being on screen naked?
  • Well… guess…no… well… as long as it tasteful.
  • Defo! Our films are very tasteful. Go home and watch: “Everyone I did last summer”, ” A few hard men”, “Edward penishands”, specially proud of the latter…
  • Oh! Then… I got the job!
  • Of course my dear! Those legs are gonna drive men crazy, you are going to be a star!

Pinky Dommer, Hollywood star! It´s a shame that she didn´t think of which sort of star she was about to become…




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