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Sunday morning, around nine am, mum has sent me again to buy some bread, I should have told her that this is not the right time to go, I´m bloody sleepy, my eyes are heavy.

The morning walk will make feel a bit less hangover, yesterday´s night was tough, we were celebrating the end of university and the start of our adult lives, soon I´ll get a job, buy a car, a house, get married, ha! I´m joking! No way, I´m gonna take a gap year before that, I agreed this with my mum the day before I started uni, I´m doing this for you, then I´ll travel around the world for me, deal!

Sunday morning, so quiet, we live in one of those perfect USA neighbourhoods, the sort of place where nothing bad ever happens, where this tiny guy delivers the newspaper and even the milkman comes around. No one else but me is on the street, not even Joe walking around his super cute corgi.

Wait! What the heck is that? Looks like someone is calling for help in one of the houses, this girl is waving her arms desperately. She keeps pointing at me and trying to get me to come closer, not sure, I mean, I want to do the right thing and go there and help with whatever is happening, but on the other hand, what about if there is something really wrong happening in that house? Who is going to help me?

I try to keep walking but I can feel the stare of this girl, her desperation, right, getting closer is not going to kill me. I walked slowly and position myself right in front of her in one of the windows. The girl has some dry blood on her forehead and few more scratches in her face.

  • Are you OK? – well, she is obviously not, but I don´t know what to say.
  • Please open the door.
  • What happened?
  • Please open the door.
  • Is there anything wrong?
  • Please open the door!
  • Could you tell me what´s going on?
  • Open the door! I don´t have time! It´s after me!
  • Who?
  • Open the door and then I´ll tell you but you need to help me get out of here or he is going to kill me!
  • OK, but how?
  • He always leaves a key underneath the front door´s rag.
  • How original! But… why didn´t you just break a window?
  • I can´t! They are unbreakable. Please, please, please, help me, please!
  • Right, I´m on it, just give me a sec.

In a blink of an eye, this is what happens, I open the door, the bitch grabs me and throws me inside the house, she closes the door and locks it again.

  • What the hell? -I shout in the window.
  • I´m very sorry but I had to.
  • You fucking bitch!
  • You can swear at me as much as you want, but here it comes, you need to find someone to get you out of the house or you are death.
  • Really? You open the door bitch or I´ll be the one who kills you.
  • Listen carefully, you have until sunset to get someone to replace you in the house, this is how it works, they´re is cursed, you can´t leave the house, unless you find a new soul to stay in the house. Thanks so much for passing by, I thought I was dead, I still don´t know how I survived tonight.
  • What? Are you kidding me? You can´t just leave me here!
  • I´m so sorry, you can´t believe how sorry I´m, but I need to go! I´m scared of this house!
  • Wait! Tell my family at least! I don´t know… say something! Wait!

And before I knew, she was gone, I was locked, and hell knows what was living in that house? ….



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