It was time to put an end to all this nonsense, I knew that I couldn´t do it by myself but with the support of a good marketing team, people who were actually experts on manipulation , then I´ll have a possibility.

This world was going insane, and I, I was about to put it back in order. I was about to become the first female dictator of this 21st Century.

I didn´t want anything too crazy, just to fight for people´s rights, which meant that first I´d get rid of anyone that I consider stupid, of course stupid was a word with far too many meanings, for me were any of those ignorant speaking about hate, haters, haters of gays, lesbians, women, black, Muslims, anything, haters, all of those will be annihilated , in my land, there will be no room for these creatures.

Only intelligent people will be allowed to live, how many times have you thought in the past. Why this person has the right to vote? They know nothing, they don´t want to know, they think they know, but they are useless for society. Governments have always tried this, keeping the power with the stupid, the ones that are easily distracted and played, the powerful people have always wanted that, keeping the stupid alive, so they can make money out of it. Whereas I, I want to try the total opposite, what would it be getting rid of these “zombies” and building a world where the smart make the decisions, it will only be beneficial for the planet.

Of course, it wasn´t easy to reach power, all of the sudden people got a conscience and all that, the funny thing about people is that they are too scared to admit what they actually think, we are all so moral, no, that´s wrong, the act of killing, imprisonment, leaving people behind, but deep inside, we all can be a bit racist, misogynistic, full of prejudice, people think of themselves as saints and examples to be followed, and we are all just so full of shit, that shutting the mouths of all these apostles was one of the best parts of jumping into politics.

You´d like me to tell you that I showed mercy, I did, with children, I have hope in the future generations no matter where they came from and with the elderly, they were all about to die in any case, I wouldn´t like to spend my resources unnecessarily.  The rest were taken into concentration camps, no torture, no need, they were all killed quick.

I was elected, so technically this is not a dictatorship, but let´s face it, they´ve always made us believe that we live in a democracy , but then our presidents enforce laws that make sure we are deprived from our rights.

You might think at this stage that I´m a cynical, that I´m also a hater, and what I´m doing is something megalomaniac, that I´m doing the same but putting a nicer wrap, oh darling! this was how history was build, I´m afraid!

I never say that keeping just a smart audience was going to be easy, ruling these “connoisseurs” was a pain in the ass, excuse my French, they question absolutely everything, we have referendums every other week and still they were never happy with the outcome. Probably this was the point when the whole democratic facade disappeared, this was my dictatorship, this was my world, and in my world, my rules..I never said I was a role model…




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