“Since I was young, I knew I’d find you. But our love was a song sung by a dying swan. And in the night, you hear me calling,  You hear me calling and in your dreams you see me falling, falling…”

 It was quite late for me to be wandering around. I was alone, on the beach. That beach was something else, I felt for a moment that I was in a different dimension, I was someone else.

 It was a starry night, the white sand… it was so fine, I stopped only to concentrate on the soft feeling of the sand underneath my feet.

 The air was a bit chilly, I was wearing a nice summer dress, flowery, falling round my knees, blue indigo, as the indigo night I was living, I had a thick jumper on top.

 The world felt immense and me so tiny in that beautiful beach, that lunar beach, I got my chance to fly to the moon without leaving the earth.

 I sat down, grab some sand and play with it, feeling the weight, the texture, trying to smell it … and then I saw you there…  Handsome, told, confident, with a huge kind smile…

 –          Hi…

–          Hey…

 Who said hi first now has become unclear after all these years, the only thing that hasn’t changed it’s my feelings for you… I love you with all my heart…Even if life hasn’t been easy for us and so many times I thought we wouldn’t be able to survive… but you know when you know… and I knew it was you, the one, we will managed and we will be fine…

I think that in that night you knew more things about my life than anyone else, I thought I would never see you again, so I could open myself…

–          You’ll be fine.

–          I’m always fine.

–          Can I see  you again?

We were in Greece, you lived in the States and I lived in Australia, what was the point on keeping in touch?

–          Friendship doesn’t know about distance.

You were right, it was just a friendship, something special, two strangers in a beach in Greece, it could have been romantic, but at the time, it was friendship. Well, that’s what you said…but I… I was a hopeless romantic…

And here I’m tonight to say goodbye to you, you have to reach the stars , you are now stardust… after all these years, you had to go before me. So eager to be part of the universe, and you leave me here, missing you, but you know what? I’m very lucky, because I met you that night, because we had a beautiful life together, a beautiful family and you were the best travelling companion I could have think of, so I can only say thank you and whatever you are my love, you are the shiniest star in the sky.



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