Cell 214- Anthony Mckenzie

Cell 215- Pablo Hernandez

Cell 216-…

Where is she?

I’m a biohazard weapon, apparently I’m indestructible, no one can touch me or they’ll die, so it’s dangerous that I’m out of my cell.

How did I do it?

They’re just stupid, limited creatures, they think that they can teach animals how to behave and how to be nice, but animals are animals, and doesn’t matter how many times you kick me, you give me electricity, you deprive me of food and sleep, doesn’t matter, I’m waiting, I waited and waited in the dark until you… human… you human made a mistake. You just left the cell door unattended, even a monkey defending his children will be more efficient. You know what we are capable of, still, you thought that by naming us you could control us, like if a label will define me.

They told me the world out there has become really crazy, that people never live their houses or speak face to face, all they do is using computer systems that do the shopping for them, allow them to chat with face less people and design the perfect life for them, display the life that they would like to have.

I was trapped in this cell since I was sixteen, so I didn’t see the changes occurred in the last decade. It’s been ten years already since they locked me here. My parents thought I was difficult, so they sent me to a special school to correct and reconduct my behavior. They told me I would meet more teens like me, that I would finally make friends… bullshit! They felt threatened by me.

What was the first thing I was going to do once I got out of this building? Find you… mum and dad…

But before that, you, Ms. Debo , you are by far the worst in this institution and you’re going to pay for what you did to me, to Rob, to Pablo, to Anthony… how are you going to pay? With your skin, you got a really nice one, soft, perfect, always cover by layers and layers of make up, so you don’t need it, it looks delicious, can’t wait to taste it…

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, they call me Lizzy, but I’d rather if you call me… Ms. Justice…



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