… And I don´t care, even if my heart it´s shattered, broken into pieces, deformed and different from what it was. And I don´t care if you try to operate, I know it´s broken and decomposing. Irreversible, this pain it´s irreversible, like the damage we´ve caused, like the external factors, like the feelings we wrapped ourselves on. My heart it´s dead. I´m empty. I don´t care anymore. I´m unable to love.

You stayed there, trapped, hooked, drowned, and me just as an observant, watching, breathing, crying.

I don´t care if you try to fix my heart, I don´t care if you try to save it, I know I don´t want to be saved. I put my priorities in order and love came last. I don´t need it, I don´t want it, It´s not the right moment. When the time comes I´ll know. In the meantime you can keep my heart, I´ll keep yours. When the time comes will hand them back to each other. Please try not to kill it, it´s so fragile,at least leave it some hope that it might survive.


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