a beautiful mind

I’m going to keep all these memories frozen in a container, where I can manipulate these elements, I’ll get some specimens, some human brains to test what I’ve discovered. 

Recently while working on my lab I found something fascinating, I could access people’s minds and steal their memories, living them as an empty vase, it was a sort of 21st century lobotomy, some people wanted to forget or erase the pain, they offered themselves to be the subjects of my studies, but what really intrigued me was what would it happened if I would put somebody else’s memories into someone else. Would it be something left of the previous person’s identity? Or , just, by the simple fact of imposing into this person a new manual and back story would totally change him or her forever. 

Perhaps I could do something nice for the world, I could make the world happier, get rid of the evil in them, perhaps use this to erase killers minds, thieves or other sort of rapist, psychopaths, etc. This little discovery, this little power will be the new cure for society, power, I certainly got the power, the power was in my hands, only in my hands and nobody else’s, nobody else could ever know what I’ve found, this was mine. I could tell people a brief story or make up something, but never tell them what was really going on in my lab, what I was keeping in my container. 

I was tempted to treat myself, I recorded a self-tape explaining the whole process, in case something went wrong throughout the procedure, where I kept my archives, the container’s location, the number associated to my box of memories and how to undo and destroy everything in case this was falling in the wrong hands… 

And one day you wake up and you don’t know who you are anymore… 

-Mum! I want breakfast! 

My head was spinning around, I felt all dizzy as if I had been drinking the night more, I wasn’t really sure, there was a man sleeping next to me and I had a ring on my finger, a man, a ring, I guess I was married… 

-Mum! Breakfast! 

I have a baby, he is four, he is jumping in bed, our cat Sally comes into the room as well. Jack opens his eyes, smiles at me widely and caresses my face. 

-You are gorgeous!- he says. 

I feel dizzy, I need to close my eyes. 

…shallow breathing, I’m sleeping on a wet floor, I’m all covered in blood, I check myself , can’t see any injuries, I come to the conclusion that it’s not my blood. I have a knife in my hand, the blood is fresh, the murder must have occurred recently, I see another woman lying on the floor, she looks like my doppelganger, but she’s blonde, I’ve cut her finger trips, get rid of all her hair and skin, and I’m planning to burn her so nobody ever knows who she was… 



-You don’t have to do this! I’ll give you my identity! 


And one day you wake up and you don’t know who you are anymore…



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