“I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”

I’m a very emotional human being, maybe too much. I guess that doesn’t help sometimes, I become overcome by my emotions and I can’t tell whether they are true or not. I just feel like that, right here and right now. I might have an outburst, probably after half an hour, nothing will make sense, I’ll laugh about it and see myself and think, oh, woman! You’re such a drama queen sometimes!. But that’s me. That’s what you should love of me, my passion, my honesty, my true reactions to things, that bit when you ask me something and I can only tell the truth.

I’m always trying to look for the right words to say, but I probably won’t find them and end up saying the wrong stuff. You will say something sweet and I’ll react like if you’ve just insulted me. You are being honest about your feelings and I’m just an scary cat looking for a flight to go and travel to the stars. I went to the moon and then I’ll come back, someday, sometimes…

I’m going to drive you crazy, insane, I’ll push you to the edge, you’ll probably lose your temper at some point, I won’t blame you. I’m sorry, it’s the way it is, this is what I have to offer:

  1. My soul
  2. My heart
  3. My passion
  4. Overall and more importantly my crazy mind

If you don’t want all of that, the good, the evil within, then this business won’t work. Because this is “A writing exercise from my crazy mind”, this is the naked truth, the life without filters, a world of nonsense, a world of my own, a world where everything could happen or not, but you wouldn’t know. And if you need your reality dose and don’t want to explore, then you shouldn’t be reading this, you shouldn’t be with me. You should go and look for someone else, someone that will tell you what you need to hear or offer you the views that you need to see. I’d rather you stay to see what happens after all, but I won’t push you. I’ve just shown you what I have , a whole world of confusion ready to be offer to the one willing to come with me to the stars.


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