Strange to be on Marvel Hill, I walked some years to find, I know there is a piece to fill, that one I have in mind. No, nothing is real, I close my eyes , it’s on the other side, but I don’t need this, I don’t need this…

I try walking backwards, once I’ve reached the top of the hill I can’t keep going, so the only way a find is walking backwards. I know that nothing is real, but still this dream is too vivid.

I can see some creatures from afar, they’re crawling towards me, they are not animals, nor humans, it’s like if they were a hybrid between them both. Looks like if a crazy capricious doctor has decided to create a new race that can only live inside my dreams.

If I can keep walking backwards in this direction they’re going to catch me. I see a castle, I run there before night falls, the sun is setting behind me , without light the creatures look even creepier and I become even more scare.

Once I’ve reached the castle door I get goosebumps, it’s strange but it feels like if I’ve been here before, the bushes surrounding the castle, the garden, the labyrinth, the gargoyles sculptures, everything is intact, like if a constant gardener has been taking care of it, just in case some stranger decided to find refuge in here.

There is no light inside the castle, only the natural light coming from the massive windows, it’s so cold, all covered by dust and spider webs. There’s someone else in there, I hope it’s not the creatures, maybe they don’t want to hurt me, but I’d rather not risk it. The silhouette of a tall skinny man lurks towards the stairs, slowly and very gently coming down. Is he going to welcome me? Is he going to try to kill me? I can hear the creatures trying to open the door from outside. Where shall I go? Outside into the unknown, inside with that strange man. I wish I could leave Marvel Hill, I want to wake up, I’m here to find the piece that it’s missing in my mind, that piece of me that I’ve been trying to find for a while, trapped in Marvel Hill… there’s no scape for me…



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