How would you feel if I tell you I’ve been lying all this time? That everything you think you know about me it’s just a lie? Perfectly design in order to convince you that you could trust me, that I was what you wanted, that you got what you were expecting, that you’ll never feel alone again.

I had to be honest with you, I’m not that person, I’m a very different one, I’ve never had this sort of thing before and even if it’s hard to admit, I love you. You’re great, you’re loyal, sincere, trustworthy, there are not many people like you left , I thought decency has disappeared for good, but you proved me wrong, and that’s why I had to tell you that I lied, they paid me to sell you the life that you wanted and in return you’ll hand me you all your secrets, even the darkest ones, and you did, no questions asked, you just did because you trusted me.

They thought you’ll get fond of someone like me… unfortunately they were right, but they wouldn’t have imagined that I would get fond of you too, it was hard not to… and that’s why now I’m leaving, I can’t stay with you knowing that I’ve betrayed you, probably I’m a selfish coward because I’m not even giving you the chance to tell me how you feel about it, to call me names, swear or maybe kill me. I sold you, I’m sorry. They don’t know that I love you, probably it doesn’t mean much to you at this point, but if they will know, they’ll probably kill you. Why? Just to punish me, because I’m an Amazon, an Amazons are not allowed to fall in love.

Now run, pack your stuff and go far, because if your tribe learn that you sold them (you didn’t, I did, but how are you going to explain that to them? ) they might try to execute you. Our tribes have been rivals for centuries and we can’t change that. The Amazons are planning to take over your land this week, that allows you a couple of days to reach a safe place…

You know what? I’ll be at Finisterre’s cliff, find me there, I’ll be waiting, it’s safe… even if it’s too late, somehow you should trust me…


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