In your marks, steady, ready, go!

You can do it! You’re close! You can reach the finish line before them, keep running, breathe in, breathe out, don’t look back! No! What are you doing? If you look back they’ll catch you and you know what happens if you lose this race. You’re racing for your life, if they catch you’re a dead man.  You can do it honey! I’ll be waiting behind the finish line for you, I trust you, I know you can get here before them. They’re fast, but so do you.

Time was passing by … still nothing… I start having negative thoughts, that they might have captured him and take him to prison, they’ll torture him until getting his confession. Would he revealed my identity? No, he wouldn’t do that to me, we´re together in this. I need to stop thinking this. He will get here at any minute and we’ll celebrate afterwards…

Another hour was gone and still nothing… we should have received a call or something if things were going wrong, maybe things were a bit delayed, maybe the race was longer and they’ve changed the course, I don’t know. What about if they couldn’t even be bothered to take him to prison and they just killed him in cold blood? This police have no measure, they didn’t follow the rules, this new government had given them too much power and they were so corrupted by it, that it was practically impossible to predict their behaviour…

Two hours more… I have to go and look for him… I don’t mind risking my life but I need to get some answers, I need to know if he is dead, if he is in prison, if he is alive and still running to get rid of these people, but I have to go back. I went into the course… there was no one… everything was in flames, no people in the streets watching the race, cars on fire, buildings on fire, people on fire, what happened? Where is Dave? What am I going to do now?…


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