The sound of my own steps as the background track. Slow motion. Make a space, for my body, dig a hole, push the sides apart, this is what I’m controlling, it’s a mold…

There was only your heavy breathing, your naked body, your predator eyes and my hands sculpting you, my perfect Greek sculpture, your strong features, that big nose, those sexy lips, I wanted to make you mine.

Time stopped, I could do whatever I wanted with you. You desired me as well, ripping my clothes off before I could take control, grabbing my hair and pushing me against the wall. I didn’t have to make a sound, you knew what I wanted and you took me in your arms, my perfect mold, I’ve created a man!

The power, the buzz, your eyes, the electricity coming out of our bodies and all I did with my love, on my own, with my hands, I belong to you, you belong to me, and I don’t care what people think of me. I got what I deserved, fuck the world!

You are a handsome creature, your body is in harmony, your member difficult to forget, and this sex is wild, visceral, dirty, this moment is perfect and I just want to stay in it, I don’t want this to end, I want you inside me all day, all night, non-stop!

You tied me up, I tied you up, we play, soft and gentle then hardcore, if you keep looking at me in that way I’m going to destroy you with this very same hands that mold you. I don’t care, I desire you, maybe it’s not very professional, and this was meant to be an experiment and you were meant to be a prototype, but you’ll be my monument even when I’m gone. My tiny breasts in your hands, caressing me, pushing me harder and I just want to lose control, not to think anymore, I want us now as I whole, don’t speak but stay connected. So when the moment comes I can say that I did it all with love… Shh… They’re coming… They’re coming after me… stay hungry, stay alive, I’ll come back…


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