• Sorry, I didn’t see you.
  • I’m quite small, don’t worry.
  • Well, but that’s no excuse for me, I should have been paying more attention.
  • I’m fine, you didn’t hurt me, you stopped at the right moment.
  • Can I help you? It’s the least I could do.
  • Could you carry me home in your backpack?

I took him in my arms and softly put it in my rucksack, it was a tiny furry lion. I wondered how he got to the beach. It was the first time I was seeing a lion nearby the sea, perhaps he wanted to see the sea, at least once in his life. But , he was really far from home, from his family, and I didn’t see him lying on the sun and almost kill him with my big feet.

  • How does it feel to be so far from home?
  • It’s really scary and strange, people speak different languages and some of them try to hurt you or kidnap you, it’s a damn mad world out there.
  • You shouldn’t be on your own, it’s dangerous.
  • I got claws, small, but I got them, and my teeth are pretty sharp.
  • Yes, but you’re so tiny.
  • Don’t judge me by my sweet little cover, I can defend myself if need it, trust me.
  • I almost hurt you.
  • But you didn’t, stop repeating it! I’ve forgiven you already, you’re being nice to me, so be nice to yourself too.

How I could get him back home? I only got some savings, and sending him in a plane to Africa will cost me a lot, I should think and try to find another solution, perhaps I could ask my dad to drive us there. He was an explorer himself, so I guess he wouldn’t mind if we were going in a mission.

  • Sweetheart, it’s a very nice idea! Let’s do it! But first you need to pass your exams.
  • Dad, the lion will die if he stays too long in here, he will get homesick and the pain will kill him.
  • You’re such a drama queen. The lion will be fine anywhere in the world as long as you make him feel like home.

Dad was right, a couple of months went by, the lion was growing stronger, and the tiny furry thing was becoming the king of the house. Being close to me was home for him, and that made me so happy, knowing that as long as you have someone next to you that treats you like family and gives you love, you can be fine.


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