Fear what you know, beware of those who you’ve trusted in the past because nothing is what it used to be and the only thing that you need to learn is to RUN.

Typical thing you know, you wake up at 8 to go to work , have your breakfast and then realize that hey! There is a zombie apocalypse outside. Well, at least I don’t have to call my boss pretending to be sick because today I was so not in the mood to go to work. Joys! People don’t think about what is good about the zombie apocalypse: one, you don’t have to work, isn’t that great? We’ve all been complaining forever about how miserable we feel about our careers and now, finally we don’t have to take care of that bit. Two, money doesn’t mean a thing, great! A world where I can live without having to show off, without bothering if I have to pay my rent at the end of the month or if I have to save just in case in the future I want to buy a house. Three: no social media or shit like that, no more pictures of people in their holidays saying: What a tough life! It’s too hot here! , now it could be more like, Look, this is me in Hawai being beaten by a zombie, this is a zombie marathon in Athens, love the idea! I have a full list of cool stuff about the zombie apocalypse, so in case you are reading this and feeling a bit hopeless I wouldn’t mind send them to you.

Right, so, now, let’s focus on the important bit, surviving, cool, I can do that stuff, I’ve watched a lot of films about the subject, the only thing is that I’m a bit confused, because  if the zombies are as fast as the ones on 28 days later I’m going to be pretty fucked and now is when I regret never have used my gym subscription, but if they are like those in The Walking Dead I’m going to fine, I consider myself pretty intelligent, so I’ll observe first and then make up my mind. I’ll pack light, get some food and see if I can gather a small group of people, then I can become the leader, like Rick did in The Walking dead and we’ll take care of each other and make sure we all survive.

Perfect, now I just need to go in the street, steal a car and learn how to drive… this is when I wish I would have taken my driving license test when I had the chance, silly me! Anyway, if I get one of those with automatic gears I can do it, I’ve seen people driving and it doesn’t look so difficult. OK, if you don’t find another of these letters soon that means that I failed in my mission and probably I’m going around London eating people, sounds like a lot of fun actually, if you find another one, it means that I lived for some more time, and so, and so. Anyway, just last one thing, May the force be with all of you!


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