You need to make sure that you put three drops every day on his tea, it’ll leave no trace, this is a very effective poison, my family has been producing it since the beginning of times, generations of women of my family have had the recipe and passed onto the next generation. My grandmother gave it to my mother, my mother gave it to me and my sister, it’s not like we use it a lot, only in cases where there are bastards who deserve it.

William got it coming, he was cheating on his wife, actually having an affair with her sister, how do I know? Poor Crystal told me, she was desperate when she found out, she tried to ask him for the divorce, but she was too weak to dump him and tell her sister to fuck off too, hence why I did it, it was a noble cause, something nice, and it’s such a good poison, as I said, three drops every day and no trace, so when the Forensics came, reason of death? Natural cause I’m afraid, done! Of course Crystal was completely destroyed when she learnt her husband and sister were death, the police thought she committed the crime, she was about to go to prison, but thank god, for once, the judge got it right.

Of course she doesn’t know that I did it, if she would ever find out, I will be the one being poisoned, my mother thought it was pretty stupid and emotional from me and that my impulses could get me into trouble and the rest of our family as well. Perhaps she was right, but it’s painful seeing people that you care about suffering and seeing that they don’t have the courage to do what it takes to end the problem, my mission is to protect those who don’t have the power that I have, the poor, children, women and also men, suffering the torture of leaving with an abusive woman.

Like poor Bill, Rosemary was making his life hell, not only her lover was living in the same house, this type wasn’t working and Bill was sleeping on the couch and paying the bills, the mortgage, the food that this man was eating, but Bill said he was too in love with Rosemary to tell her to go, and that he was happy somehow knowing that she had someone else taking care of her. I couldn’t take all that nonsense, so I did it, I poisoned them both… but that didn’t turn as expected, because when Bill found out, he shot himself, straight to his head… The police thought he murdered both and then couldn’t live with the guilt and killed himself… but that crime… Bill…my hands are covered by his blood… I was only trying to save him from his miserable life… but in the end, he wanted no life but the one he had chosen… and I took everything away from him… God save yourself, as mine is already corrupted…


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