This is my least favourite life, the one where you fly and I don’t…

The sound of the helicopter was fading and moving away from me, left alone in that desert island where there was nothing besides me and my suitcase, I felt in despair, abandoned, left to die and I really thought I was going to cry but I push it down, I swallow, I took a bit, and then, as a miracle it was gone…

When you are used to having everything at your hands, you don’t bother thinking how hard it’s too get things, as long as you have the money you can buy it, and the drama it’s over. But now, I was in an island, a supposedly remote island, where no one was going to come an offered me any fruit or fish for lunch.

I took some time seating on the beach, looking at the clouds and the left overs that the plane left in the sky for me. Blue, blue sky, the sea was rough, even if I would consider swimming or building a boat, like a cast away will do, I wouldn’t go very far, I wasn’t a great swimmer either, I could float and managed, but probably I’ll sank, if I wasn’t beating by the sharks first.

The sun was really strong and I didn’t have a lot of sun block left, I was thirsty and hungry, but most of all, I was sad, sad because you left without even looking back, no doubt, there was only one space left on the helicopter and you took it no questions asked. I would have liked to fight you, but I didn’t even have the time, on the blink of an eye you were gone, and I was there, left alone, ready to die.

I wouldn’t give up that easily though, I’m not strong, but I’m proud, and I needed to prove myself that if I wanted I could manage, never been in that situation before, but in the only way that we can learn something useful it’s in extreme situations, and there it was my challenge, I felt like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, but without any sort of skills, besides communication and writing, but that wouldn’t get me far in a remote island, isn’t it? It was time to open the suitcase and see what I could find… I noticed something else, he didn’t take his stuff and there it was his suitcase as well.

OK, perhaps, he has something useful there; it’s time to open it. It wasn’t as easy as I thought; he had a combination lock on it… I looked around and found a big stone, “I’m going to crush it and that’s it, and fuck it!” And with all my strength I smashed the lock. Opened the suitcase and marvelled when discover that he was not only carrying a knife but several weapons… was he a weapon dealer or what? I couldn’t understand a thing, but I would have a lot of time in that island to work around ideas and different conspiracy theories, while trying to hunt and survive, survive, that’s what I felt that I should be, a survivor, no time to feel sorry for myself, only find the strength within me to be able to survive and learn to live with just myself.


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