If I were you I wouldn’t pull the trigger just yet, I will wait a second, because before I have to tell you a story and then you can decide whether I deserve to die or not. 

I didn’t kill him, even if you think I did, even if all the evidences say so, I didn’t do it. I wanted to do it, I wish I would have done it, I was going to do it, but someone got here before and blew my plans. Why am I being so honest with you? I got nothing to lose, you got my gun, and you can shoot me at any time, so I’d rather be honest for once before I die.

Why did I want to kill him? He was a miserable creature… he was making money out of people’s miseries, selling hope to the sick ones, meds that they were just full of shit, he was liar and a coward, and you know the worst? No matter how evil he was, he managed to get away with it. I lost my family because of him, he said he had the cure, we spent all our savings in order to get the treatment, and the only thing he did was drying them just keeping their vitals in order to sell their organs afterwards. 

I don’t believe in justice, that’s why I was trying to get my own justice, but someone managed to get to him before me, or perhaps he committed suicide… I can see from your eyes that you want to shoot me, cos you still think that I’m you dad’s killer, but I’m not, I promise I’m not, he was dead before I got here. If you check the body temperature you’ll see that he’s been dead for a couple of hours, you and I got here almost at the same time. Just check, you got the gun, you got the power.  

And so she did, she got closer to him and I got the gun and without restraint I just pulled the trigger and shot her right between her eyes. And the truth is that I didn’t kill him, he was already dead when I got in the room, but I did kill her. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”, but I don’t believe in justice, because Justice, Justice is my name.


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