In this landscape of nonsense, floating people and clouds on earth, nothing will ever turn to be as expected, the chicken will roar, dogs will sing and cows bark. Owls will choose to walk instead of flying and wolves will be men’s dogs.

There will be no cities; people will live in the wilderness, deep into the woods, some in cabins, some in the space, just on floating tents. We will eat air and nobody will be allowed to kill animals.

When someone feels something you’ll be able to see it projected through their eyes, like if you were watching a film and hiding them will be the biggest challenge, because here, feelings are always on display.

Nothing makes sense here, nothing has to make sense, and it’s perfect as it is, in that sort of deep imperfection, cover by flaws, where nature it’s the only God that people obey.

There are no schools, everything you need to learn it’s too survive, because we are each other’s enemies, nature observes this with pleasure, how we continually kill each other, there’s no mercy, no rest for the wicked, either you burn or you get burn, parents push you to leave home when you’re eighteen, if you choose to stay they’ll kill you themselves. Families grow just to pay nature, not because they love each other, nature needs loads of us to amuse her with our miseries.

My sister was killed by some people of the northern villages, and here I’m up in the air on my flying horse stalking them, dad taught me how to hunt, mom how to become invisible. Nobody can see me unless I choose to be seen. I’m one of the best warriors of the southern villages, I’ve defeated men four times bigger than me, and the only trick is: “If they can’t catch you, they can’t crack you”. People think because I’m a girl that I’m an easy target, but dad made sure that Ingrid and I weren’t. Ingrid was my beautiful sister, I still can’t believe she’s dead; she was actually the best warrior of our land. Strong, fast, precise and flawless, they attacked her while she was sleeping, filthy and mean creatures, she didn’t have the chance to defend herself, but this is how things work lately, the northerner’s are planning to destroy nature and take over, they want to rule us and change the law. I can’t allow that, I’m trying to gather some people to help me to battle, but people won’t listen, they believe that I’m the enemy, they call me “the chameleon girl”, they are scared of how easily I can change myself in order to adjust to my surroundings, but I’m not the evil, I’m no god, I’m just the only one who sees how sky is pressing his finger upon us.


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