One day we will reveal the truth, we have to, it’s our mission. We promised the team that if we were the only ones left alive we will tell the world what happened that day, the day when we destroyed everything and decided it was time to kill everybody and burn the land. They will hate us, we know that so well, but as Johnny said , if everybody likes you it’s because you’ve never challenged anything, and I’ll rather get people to hate me because I’ve question things and had a different vision than to follow those who I hate.

I miss Johnny, he used to be fun, he was so supportive, always full of life, positive, energetic, the kind of guy that you want to have as a friend. It’s a pity that he decided that he had enough and when the bomb went off he was the one pushing the button. I still don’t get why he did and why did I let him doing it, but nothing changes now, doesn’t matter how many questions I have or how many things I ask myself there’s no one to answer them. It’s only me and Ted… I used to hate Ted, he was so annoying and petulant, Mr. know it all, he wanted to be the leader of the revolution since we started the team, but thank god Johnny was there to stop him, he should have been the one pressing the button, not Johnny, but it was his choice, and Ted it’s too dull and coward to dare to give his life for such a noble cause. I still don’t know how it happened and why we’re the only two survivors in this land.

I remember waking up as if I’ve slept for an entire life and seeing him next to me holding my hand and crying. I was shocked, first, because he was the last person that I imagined standing next to me, and secondly because he was too arrogant to share his tears with someone, but I guess he thought I was dead, so that would make perfect sense. I remember trying to look for my family, they were all gone, thank god I told them what was going to happen and they believed me. They don’t understand why we did it, but I’m glad that I could save them. They are my world, but a world without them, wouldn’t be my world. Perhaps I was selfish, the others didn’t get the chance to do that with their families and they decided to die all together, beautiful picture I guess… Johnny allowed  me to do it, he didn’t allow the rest, but they didn’t know… they’ll never know, it’s me who has to live with all these things inside me, but as I said, no questions ask, no answers to be given any more. Now It’s only Ted and I… and soon it’ll be just me … I agreed that with Johnny, he would have understood, he knew I could do it and that I was right in my predictions and thanks to that we’ve saved mankind from their own stupidity, they should thank us.


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